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Welcome to the NCIT High Performance Computing Center Homepage 

This is the High Performance Computing Center of the Computer Science Department from the Faculty for Automatic Control and Computers of the University Politehnica of Bucharest provides scientific researchers from academia, industry and research, significant computing resources to solve scientific and engineering problems studied by these groups. The laboratory provides basic information about the availability and usage of existing computing systems or software libraries, and projects in progress as well as practical advice designed to facilitate the use of these systems.

This site is composed of three sections:
General, NCIT HPC Cluster and Projects. The laboratory provides support in programming parallel computing systems using the latest technologies, such as programming in MPI, OpenMP and hybrid mode, CUDA, OpenCL, Cell Computing or batch-queue system for task submission. This site will also provide basic information about available systems and libraries, ongoing projects and clustering tips and tricks.

All contributors are welcomed, though the articles they write will be moderated by an editor. All you have to do is just create an account and open a ticket requesting editor rights. (OTRS Ticketing support of the NCIT High Performance Computing Cluster is available here).