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2014 Android Diploma Projects

As Mobile Computing is increasing in popularity and capabilities, it is also increasingly popular among students, who strive to be excelent specialists in this field.

Our students adopted several topics with 
  • "Real time collaboration in cloud for Tune-Up Android" by Răzvan Prejbeanu (in collaboration with Bitdefender)
  • "User Action Graph Analysis and Synthesis" by Alex Achim
  • "Extending Moodle, the Course Management System, for mobile devices" by Alina Eftenoiu and Paula Iosif
  • "Dynamic content generation for Online Social Applications" by Antone Dobre
The topics pose some interesting challenges for the students and also show the interest of our industry partners. Among key challenges that these projects tackle, we find: crowd-sourcing, m-health and data locality.

We wish all our students good luck in their future careers and we hope these studies will prove to be a good starting step for them.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 13:40