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Android Projects

This is a brief overview of the Android apps developed by students in Politehnica University of Bucharest, the Computer Science Department. For a full list of articles please visit the Android Projects Section

Applications have been developed by students as part of their graduation projects or during a summer school or as participation at a contest:


  • "Mood Based Player" by Roberta Dobrescu, Alin Mandroc and Elena Enacache
  • "Treasure Hunt" by Catalina-Mihaela Tabara, Cristina Opriceană and Alexandru Hulea
  • "Voice Tasker" by Alexandru Zarnescu and Dan-Stefan Dragan
  • "Robot Arm" by Madalina-Elena Savu, Gabriel-Alexandru Susanu and Alexandru Mihai Ditu



  • "Real time collaboration in cloud for Tune-Up Android" by Răzvan Prejbeanu (in collaboration with Bitdefender)
  • "User Action Graph Analysis and Synthesis" by Alex Achim
  • "Extending Moodle, the Course Management System, for mobile devices" by Alina Eftenoiu and Paula Iosif
  • "Dynamic content generation for Online Social Applications" by Antonel Dobre



  • Robot Remote Control (Madalina Toia, Tony Dobre, Cristian Iliescu) read more
  • EKG on Android Tablet (Andrei Iușan) read more
  • Face Detection and Recognition (Ioan Deaconu, Cătălin Calotescu) read more
  • Moodle Attendance (Adelina Vidovici, Răzvan Prejbeanu) read more
  • AR Feature Detection (Melania Pătru, Andrei Vasiliu, Dragoș Săndulescu) read more
  • AR Game with Markers (Ștefania Budulan, Andrei Tăleanu, Andrei Mușat, Ionuț Chelcioiu) read more


  • APOSTOLEANU Radu - Musical Note Detection on Mobile Devices
  • CHIRICESCU Şerban-Mircea - Interaction with Mobile Devices by Detecting Facial Gesturesi
  • FĂSUI Alexandru Alin - Video Surveillance System using Android Devices
  • GHERGHINA-PESTREA Alexandru - Augmented reality on Mobile Devices
  • IORDACHE Dragoş - Calendar Sinchronization in Ad-Hoc Mobile Networks
  • IRIMIA Alexandru - Generation of Mind Map Diagrams using Information from Google Tasks
  • MATEI Petruţ-Bogdan - Dynamic Signature Acquisition and Processing on the Android Platform
  • SALOP Vlad-Mihai - Interactive Presentation System on Mobile Devices
  • ZAMFIRACHE Virgil - Assistent for Peer-Review Learning
  • ŞTEFAN-DOBRIN Cosmin - Efficient Localization Methods for Mobile Devices
  • PALIŢĂ Florian & FILIPESCU Emilian-Mihai - Enforcing Android Security Using Application Permissions Analysis
  • RIZEA Daniel-Octavian - Mobile Application for Pollution Data Retrieving and Dissemination


Application Description Downloads

Open Sync

Razvan Prejbeanu, Steliana Goga

An open-source file synchronization software, which transfers through wireless multiple files to a PC. This project was initially designed as a media server, but, due to regulations concerning media servers, it transformed into a file syncronization app.


source code and apk


Toni Dobre, Razvan Oita, Oana Barbu, Evelina Dumitrescu

2D Survivor Game for Android Phones based on the story of Orfeus trying to save Euridices from Hell. 

source code and apk

Moodle Interface

Diana Pastor

User interface for Moodle, some of our course platform. For this first version, the app only retrieves deadlines for assignments.



Monica Andreea Dragan, Adi Bostan


User interface for managing the air conditioning system in our cluster. The app displays information regarding temperatures and power consumption and allows remote control for air conditioning units.  

PoliInfo Reader

Iulius Curt, Radu Stoenescu

An augmented reality app meant to enhace student access to information relevant to the current location using QR codes.

source code and apk


Daniel Rizea

An augmented reality app that overlays pin-point locations on real maps while they are viewed on camera, considering the user context (time of day, schedule etc.)

source code and apk


Application Description Downloads


Vlad Petre

FriLoc is a mobile social network, based on user's real-time geolocation, that offers integration with Facebook and it's strongly focused on the close relationships between users. article



Oana Presura

The project consists of two applications - one developed for the Android platform and one for a LEGO Mindstorms device - which communicate through a Bluetooth connection established when starting the Android application. The purpose of connecting these two modules is to enable the two devices to communicate through messages according to special protocols article



Application Description Downloads


Diana Lupan, Stefan Bobocescu

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to print a file from an Android device without using a computer? Well, we have and we tried to “solve this mystery” by developing this application. Its initial goal was, of course, to print all types of files, but during the first stages of the project we realized it was more complicated than we first thought. article apk (v1.0)


Elena Burceanu,Alexandru Guduleasa
Razvan Ionita

Briker is an Android puzzle game. To pass the level, move your Briker on the light blue plate. Be careful with the other types of plates (one for teleportation, one that adds a new plate somewhere on the map and a very unstable one). Good luck with the first 15 levels! article source code
apk (v1.0)

Droid in a tunnel

Irina Presa, Adrian Vasile, 
Razvan Oita, Daniel Rizea

“Droid in a tunnel” is an android accelerometer controlled 3D game. The player's main purpose is avoiding objects, while he travels in a tunnel. The engine was built using OpenGL ES article source code
apk (v1.0)

Who, Where, How

Sinziana Gafiteanu,Irina Predescu
Corina Radulescu

We aim to help the user or a group of users in choosing a place to go out. The application will show suggestions of places and events based on the user's list of preferences and tags saved beforehand. Integrating GoogleMaps API, SQLite DB and the communication with a server are the top priorities for version 1.0. article



Eduard Tutescu, Vlad Baragan-Stroe

TaxiFinder is an application that finds the taxi number with the lowest price, considering the user's current position. The application passes data through XML and uses the GPS to obtain the user's position. article source code and apk (v0.1)


Vlad Petre

MyContacts is an Android application designed and implemented at NCIT Summer School 2010. The goal of the project is to develop an application in order to get familiarized with several technologies like Android, Restlet, Hibernate and PostgreSQL article source code
apk (v1.0)

Augmented Reality Engine

Cristian Andreica, Vlad Petre

Viewlity is an Augmented Reality Engine for showing nearby points of interest on your Android phone. It's a powerful, easy-to-use tool for discovering places around you, finding the nearest fuel stations, coffee-shops, restaurants, ATMs, subway stations, places of worship and many other points of interest. You can also locate them on Google Maps, in order to get a wider point of article [TBD]


Application Description Downloads

Android Interface

Mihai Dumitrescu

What makes an Android interface unique? Functionality, style and let's call it intuitive flexibility, which give to the device a degree of decision in choosing what is the best for the user. article apk (v1.0)


Application Description Downloads

SoNDa Kit

Andrei Bucur

SoNDa Kit is an application designed and implemented at the 2010 Suceava Hard & Soft contest to provide an overview of the interaction between an Android phone and it's accelerometer, focusing on displaying the powerful platform API. The use case is simple and was proposed by the jury: an application for elders owning a smartphone that warns their family if they fall and get injured. article source code and apk (v1.0)




Vlad Petre

Eneco is an application designed as the user interface for a complete hardware and software system for controling and managing energy in a smart home. The system has been fully developed by our team at the 2011 Suceava Hard & Soft contest. The Android app enables the user to study graphs for power consumption and energy harvesting in his house and also to remotely control consumers throughout the house. article