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What? alt
The answer to the Why? and the Who? are detailed here. So we skip to the What?

Briker is an Android puzzle game. To pass the level, move your Briker on the light blue plate. Be careful with the other types of plates (one for teleportation, one that adds a new plate somewhere on the map and a very unstable one). Good luck with the first 15 levels!



Application Briker.apk

Source Code

Android Market


Some technical details about Briker:
We used the following Android API specific concepts:
  • Basic Activity
  • start a child activity for a result
  • working with activity lifecycle (onCreate, onResume, etc.)
  • View
  • XML layout
  • extending SurfaceView, add a callback to the surface holder and implementing surface events
  • draw on Canvas object
  • Content Provider and SQLiteDB - used for highscore
  • ListActivity - used for highscore display
  • Virtual Memory management (for Bitmaps - one of our major problem)
  • Media Player - game music
  • Menu
  • Other concepts:
    • Sprites - for animations
    • State Design Pattern - for the state of the brick

    Details about all of them can be found at the official site for android developers.
    Open source android projects were very helpful.

    What's next?


    Our next priorities for the game are:

    • to improve the VM management
    • to add more complex levels

    Thank you
    We are waiting for your feedback at Android Market or as an issue report.