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Agenda Mon-Wen

Monday June 14th:

1.    Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing & Modern Computing Architectures for HPC (ES) icon pdf (4.2 MB)
2.    Computing Infrastructure (AH) icon pdf (1.65 MB) / icon ppt (4.27 MB)
   a.    Hardware – Computing & Storage Resources
   b.    Software – Compilers, debuggers, profilers & tools, libraries, installed applications

Tuesday June 15th:
1.    Ongoing Projects at West University of Timisoara – Prof. Dana Petcu icon pdf (1.41 MB)
2.    Introduction, history, overview and architecture of Blue Gene Systems (ES) icon pdf (0.7 MB) / icon pdf (0.97 MB)
3.    Programming models and usage of the Blue Gene Architecture (ES) icon pdf (2.12 MB) / icon pdf (2.2 MB)
4.    Application Porting to Blue Gene Systems (ES) icon pdf (0.94 MB)
5.    Compiling and debugging on the Blue Gene (AH) icon pdf (1.32 MB)

Wednesday June 16th:
1.    Performance analysis on the Blue Gene (ES) icon pdf (4.22 MB)
2.    Case Studies: Load balancing, Scalability Issues, Parallel Tuning (ES) icon pdf (1.58 MB) / icon pdf (0.67 MB)
3.    MPI-IO on the Blue Gene (AH) icon pdf (0.74 MB) Blue Gene References icon pdf (0.02 MB)
4.    Ongoing research projects related to HPSC at
   a.    Computational Fluid Dynamics in Aerospace Simulations – Marius  Poke icon pdf (0.91 MB)
   b.    Weather modelling using the HRM/COSMO/WRF models – Aurora Mirea & Diana Gudu icon pdf (0.69 MB)
   c.    Simulation, validation and visualization of seismic activity events in the Vrancea region – Ioana Apetroaiei icon pdf (0.47 MB)
   d.    N-Body Simulation of the Solar System – George Spiridon icon pdf (0.64 MB)
5.    Round Table Discussion