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Debugging using Totalview


Running this profiler requires remote X acces. For this, familiarize yourself to this article. (Remote display on Cluster nodes).



  1. compile your program using debug symbols
[alexandru.herisanu@opteron-wn02 app_profiling]$ gcc -fopenmp -O3 -g -o app_lab4_gcc openmp_stack_quicksort.c
  1. connect to fep using NX client and allow remote usage
  2. setup necesarry env. variables (DISPLAY, FLEXLM etc.)
  3. run totalview
Using modulefiles



Without modulefiles

Get your display screen by connecting via NX Client, allow remote display connections:

[alexandru.herisanu@fep-53-3 ~]$ echo $DISPLAY
[alexandru.herisanu@fep-53-3 ~]$ xhost +
access control disabled, clients can connect from any host
[alexandru.herisanu@fep-53-3 ~]$


Now, your display variable will be

Run the following script (using bash or csh, this script is in bash. In this case we wanted to run this only on quad-wn16)


[alexandru.herisanu@fep-53-3 app_profiling]$ qsub -q This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -cwd
module load debuggers/totalview-8.4.1-7
setenv DISPLAY
Your job 10 ("STDIN") has been submitted


!! Using -S /bin/bash does not seem to work here. it will not find module program !!




Line 1: setup the environment for totalview. Modulefile is:  debuggers/totalview-8.4.1-7

Line 2: set remote display location

Line 3: run totalview


Select your program and it will work like a regular debugger.


totalview screenshot