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IP Workshop 2011 Android Course


Last year I took part to the Ideas & Projects Workshop Summer School 2011 as an official trainer. My main task was to teach Android Development to 10 computer science students.

Course Topics

The main topics covered are:
  • Introduction (hardware, platform, SDK, integrated development environment, emulator);
  • Application basics (components, security, tasks, activities, services, debugging);
  • Manifest file, user interface (layouts, widgets), menus, notifications;
  • Lists (Model View Controller paradigm, optimized lists, ListActivity);
  • Data storing (internal and external, assets, resources, PreferenceActivity, cache);
  • Intents (IntentFilters, passing parameters on intents), BroadcastReceivers;
  • Services, threads, ASync Tasks, Application class;
  • Sensors (GPS, compass, camera), MapActivity.

Course Slides


Vlad Petre

I would like to thank Alexandru Radovici and Marius Constantinescu for being main organizers of this summer school and for giving me the unique opportunity to have an awesome experience - I love to educate people!