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TaxiFinder is an application that finds the taxi number with the lowest price, considering the user's current position.

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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to print a file from an Android device without using a computer?

Well, we have and we tried to “solve this mystery” by developing this application. Its initial goal was, of course, to print all types of files, but during the first stages of the project we realized it was more complicated than we first thought.

At that point, we had succeeded to establish a connection between the application and the printer so we decided to create a text editor that could print ASCII characters and offer some basic types of formatting.

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WWH Android Application

Application's Description

WWH(Who, Where, How) Application's aim is to help the user or a group of users in choosing a place to go out to. It will show suggestions of places and events based on the users' list of preferences and tags saved beforehand. For the moment, the application will only be available for the city of Bucharest, Romania.

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Droid in a tunnel

Introduction :

"Droid in a tunnel” is an android accelerometer controlled 3D game. The player's main purpose is avoiding objects, while he travels in a tunnel.

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1. Introduction

MyContacts is an Android application designed and implemented at NCIT Summer School 2010. The goal of the project is to develop an application in order to get familiarized with several technologies like Android, Restlet, Hibernate and PostgreSQL.

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