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Project Overviewandroid1


For the early past Android platform has become one of the most developed platform for mobile devices and tablets. Big companies, such as Samsung,  Motorola, Sony-Ericson, LG, HTC and others, have pointed their attention on the Google’s Android Operating System making it a very serious concurrent for its competitors iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone (Microsoft).


Android LogSync is a client-server application that permits call and message logs synchronization with a server in order to instantly alert users when they don’t carry their mobile phones with them. If a user forgets or leaves on purpose its phone in a place, he can access his missed calls and messages through a Web-Interface or through a Widget installed on another mobile device with Android, that will connect automatically and receive data from server. LogSync application consists of three parts. The first one, is a module that is alerted by the Notification Manager when it receives a call or message. It then establish a secure connection and transmits new data to a server. The server, which is the second module, has a MySQL database where it stores all information regarding each user. The last module is an App Widget than runs on another mobile device desktop and keeps the user informed with lately logs. Further developments involve remotely shutdown/block device if stolen/lost, remotely call forwarding and integrating the application on other mobile platforms (Windows Phone 7, iOS 5).





System Architecture



  • Client send new data to Server
  • Widget receive data from Server and display to User
  • Server establish connections with clients/widgets and store data; host a web interface
    • The MySQL database content can be accessed by using PHP methods (from the web-interface) or by using a JDBC driver that allows JAVA methods to query the database.
    • For the web-interface I used a WAMP server that allowed me to combine an Apache server with PHP scripts and MySQL.
    • The communication between server and clients/widgets is encrypted (SSL protocol)


Application Screenshots 



  • Demo:
  • functional Client and Widget application that poll the server to send/receive data after an user defined refresh interval
  • functional Server with web-interface and 2 Java classes that handle Clients/Widgets

Further Development

  • C2DM framework to push notifications
  • Google App Engine for hosting the server
  • Porting on other platforms