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2012 Android Diploma Projects

This July, a new generation of Engineers graduated from our Department. It was our pleasure to work with 14 of them, in designing and implementing a system centered on mobile devices. Each student developed a functional Android app as well as a Diploma Thesis.

Their work at the diploma project was a continuation of several disciplines they followed during their bachelor studies, such as Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems and Embedded Systems. The Embedded Systems course is a 4th year course. This year also included three labs introducing Android Programming to students and also proposed one homework.

The topics varied in the range of: augmented reality, m-learning, communication and security:
  • APOSTOLEANU Radu - Musical Note Detection on Mobile Devices
  • CHIRICESCU Şerban-Mircea - Interaction with Mobile Devices by Detecting Facial Gesturesi
  • FĂSUI Alexandru Alin - Video Surveillance System using Android Devices
  • GHERGHINA-PESTREA Alexandru - Augmented reality on Mobile Devices
  • IORDACHE Dragoş - Calendar Sinchronization in Ad-Hoc Mobile Networks
  • IRIMIA Alexandru - Generation of Mind Map Diagrams using Information from Google Tasks
  • MATEI Petruţ-Bogdan - Dynamic Signature Acquisition and Processing on the Android Platform
  • SALOP Vlad-Mihai - Interactive Presentation System on Mobile Devices
  • ZAMFIRACHE Virgil - Assistent for Peer-Review Learning
  • ŞTEFAN-DOBRIN Cosmin - Efficient Localization Methods for Mobile Devices
  • PALIŢĂ Florian & FILIPESCU Emilian-Mihai - Enforcing Android Security Using Application Permissions Analysis
  • RIZEA Daniel-Octavian - Mobile Application for Pollution Data Retrieving and Dissemination
We look forward to see which of these projects will be continued by their authors for Master Research.