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Profiling with Sun Studio Analyzer

This tutorial is based on, the NCIT-Cluster Front End Processor. Everything you want to know about Sun Studio Analyzer is here.

Nobody says it better then Sun: watch this video tutorial about Sun Studio Analyzer and check the links section.

First, you need X Windows System forwarding. If you use Windows click here. and install Xming X Server for Windows.



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I. Start Sun Studio Analyzer:

[andrei.dumitru@fep ~]$ analyzer


II. Collect Experiment data

1. Go to File -> Collect Experiment...



2. Select the Target , Working Directory and add Arguments if you need to.



3. Click on Preview Command to view the command for collecting experiment data only.



4. Run your job on the cluster and wait for the results

[andrei.dumitru@fep ~]$ qsub -q ibm-quad -pe ibm-quad 2 -cwd -b y  \
"/opt/openmpi/gnu-gcc/bin/mpirun -np 8 /opt/sun/sunstudio12/prod/bin/collect \
-p on -m on -S on -A on /export/home/stud/andrei.dumitru/opt/bin/epsilon \
--filter-id=beylkin data/bucuresti.ppm


Highlighted with red is the collect command. In blue you can see the mpirun command and with pink the command to submit jobs

to the ibm-quad queue.


5. Open the results

Go to File -> Open Experiment...



7. Select all the experiments you want to open.



8. Enjoy...