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Debugging MPI applications using Totalview


Running this debugger requires remote X acces. For this, familiarize yourself to this article. (Remote display on Cluster nodes).

Another article would be running MPI applications on the NCIT cluster and Debugging simple applications using Totalview.



Debugging MPI applications with totalview is simmilar to running simple debug with Totalview. You must only add -tv to mpirun, or you cand run totalview directly and select a Parallel job execution. (see user manual).


[alexandru.herisanu@fep-53-3 mpi]$ cat

module load compilers/gcc-4.1.2
module load mpi/openmpi-1.3.2_gcc-4.1.2
module load debuggers/totalview-8.4.1-7
setenv DISPLAY

# You can ask mpirun to start TotalView
#mpirun -np $NSLOTS -tv ./mpi_scatter

# or you can run it yourself, but now you have $NSLOTS available.

#You can use your own public/private key authentication or

#Sun Grid Engine's rsh




[alexandru.herisanu@fep-53-3 mpi]$ qsub -q ibm-quad.q -pe openmpi 4 -cwd
Your job 16 ("") has been submitted