Map-Assistant is an Augmented Reality “map reader”. What do I mean by map reader? Well, ever been in front of a map and couldn’t find where you want to go because the map has a lot of information on it or because the legend of the map is in a different language. How could you make up de destination point on that map very quickly?

1.2.What does it do?

Map-Assistant will download the map from the server and by looking at the map through the phone’s camera you will see your destination highlighted on the map in a red circle.

2.Project components

The project is made up of two big components :

                Server side component .

                Android mobile application.


The server is running on GAE (Google App Engine) at

It uses to communicate to the clients (Android phones) with the aid of the Restlet web framework and JSON encoding

2.2.Android client

The Android client application is basic and will have to suffer future development. When you start, it will show you the phones camera. You can hit the menu button and chose to download map, or find a destination point.

3.Limitations and future development

The map must have 3 qr (code bar corners) for it to be recognized by the phone.

For now the only map available is Politehnica University of Bucharest map. In the future I will enable a web interface where you could upload maps and set reference points on it.

Map example:


4.Application Screenshots


device-2011-06-30-121845               device-2011-06-30-121853

device-2011-06-30-121917                 device-2011-06-30-121946

5.About the team

Map-Assistant client and server app was developed by Daniel Rizea, student at Politehnica University of Bucharest in the 3 year at Computer Science department.

6.Source code

The complete source code for Android client and server can be found here :source code