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TWISNet (Trustworthy Wireless Industrial Sensor NETworks) is a Specific Targeted Research Project in the EU's Seventh Framework Programme, in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Thematic Priority of Challenge ICT-2009.1.4: Trustworthy ICT: Target outcome c) Technology and Tools for Trustworthy ICT.
The TWISNet project (Contract no. 258280) started on October 1st 2010, and ended on September 30th 2013. 7 partners from 4 European countries participated in the project. All the project results are presented on the project website.
This project is cofinanced by the "Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Învatamântului Superior, a Cercetarii, Dezvoltarii si Inovarii" under the name "TWISNet - Trustworthy Wireless Industrial Sensor NETworks" (Contract no: 105-2EU/2011).

Project start date:
    1 October 2010
Project end date:      30 September 2013