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Grid Training for Administrators 2nd Edition

Beggining March, ICI Bucharest ( and University “Politehnica” of Bucharest ( held and hands-on training event regarding Grid Administration in the SEEGRID Project.

icon SEEGRID Training for Grid Administrators (2nd Edition)

AI-MAS Winter Olympics

On February the 27th, the first edition of the AI-MAS Winter Olympics Programming Contest took place in the Computer Science of the University Politehnica of Bucharest. The NCIT-Cluster was used to test the solutions submitted by all the participants - to select the best 14 teams. In the Finals, on February the 27th, these 14 teams played again against each other on our servers for the ultimate prize of 1000 Euros and Team "Dummies" carried the day. More on this can be found on the blog of this event.

Grid Training for Administrators 1st Edition

Hands-on training for Grid Administrators during the SEE-GRID project. This is actually the backup of the site, we will keep only the training agenda of this wiki.

icon SEEGRID Training for Grid Administrators (1st Edition)

Intel Multicore Training

These are the materials for the Intel Multicore Training (40.6 MB), as offered by Intel and presented by the UPB team at the University of Bucharest, University " Dunarea de Jos" of Galati, Univeristy "Transilvania" of Brasov and Univeristy of Craiova in December 2009.

Intel Parallel studio can be downloaded from this location. The license can be obtained from the Intel Academic Community Website, after registering on it.