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C/C++ compilation on Windows

There are multiple posibilities to develop C/C++ applications on windows and then running them on the cluster. The preferred method is using an IDE (Eclipse or Netbeans locally and transfer your project to the cluster.


It is hard to do this when you can not  compile your program using GCC.

You should install CYGWIN or MINGW for that.




If you need to use MPI or OpenMP i suggest to install cygwin. You can get the latest version from

Download the setup.exe file, select download and install, if you are in romania the mirror works fine.

Packages to select:

  • automake
  • autoconf
  • gcc, g++, gfortran
  • gcc4, g4++, gfortran4
  • make
  • ddd

After you finish, you can install (build) OpenMPI from here: That's it: you're ready to go.


Some troubleshooting

The reason i opted for MinGW was an error i could  not shake when running eclipse and C++. Eclipse did not know of

#include  ctime

for example. I found the workaround. In the project build, right click on the project -> Properties -> Cygwin C++ Compiler -> Directories

Include paths -I "C:\Tools\Cygwin\usr\include", "C:\Tools\Cygwin\lib\gcc\i686-pc-cygwin\3.4.4\include\c++"

right click on the project -> Properties -> Cygwin C++ Linker-> Libraries

Library search path -L "C:\Tools\Cygwin\usr\lib"

And done.



I had problems compiling c++ apps on cygwin (did not find the package for ctime). The alternative is MinGW. This is a smaller install that works only with gcc 3.4.5 and g++. It's smaller and the C++ app just compiled.




You can download the last C/C++ version from here: 

All you need is Java. You should also install Subclipse.


Another thing you can do is mount your home directory from the cluster locally. This is done by using a VPN to the Cluster site and "Attach Network Drive ..." from windows explorer. (not covered in this article).